Over at Tomshardware they’ve written a pretty massive article focusing on Intel’s plans for the future and what we can expect from the in the near future.
Perhaps this sounds a bit dull but the fact remains that Intel has many interesting things coming up and even if not all of them will be used by Intel themselves the article is written from their point of view. 
The article takes a closer look at coming technologies such as DDR2, PCI Express, the BTX form factor but also Intel’s CPU socket LGA775 and its belonging mainboard chipsets, Grantsdale and Alderwood.

Except from a thorough walkthrough of the specifications and details of the subjects just mentioned we see a couple of performance tests with DDR2-memory, which doesn’t add much though. The technology is still in its womb, especially considering the support from chipset manufacturers. Overall there is some useful information in this article about coming innovations though. 

Read more  here.

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