Intel was first to release a retail CPU with six processor cores. AMD has since then taken command with a broader assortment of models costing less and Intel is now planning at least two new models for 2010, Core i7 970 and Core i7 990X.

Core i7 970 is slated for Q3 and will operate at 3.20 GHz. With six cores and HyperThreading the processor can handle up to twelve simultaneous threads according to the rumors the price will be just as terrifying as the former model, Core i7 980X, which means around $900. During Q4 there should be two more models coming.

Though previous stores have spoken of a launch in Q1 2011 it looks like the flagship Core i7 980X, will be succeeded in Q4. Core i7 990X, anticipated named, is expected to push the 32nm Gulftown circuit to new heights, but exactly how high is uncertain. At the same time Core i7 980X will be phased out and replaced.

According to X-bit Labs there are rumors of a new entry level model that in the roadmaps have been mentioned as “≥i7-970”. The launch is set to Q4 2010 and we can only hope that this model will bring down the prices of Intel’s hexa-core assortment.


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