Intel’s WiDi technology (Wireless Display) was shown at IDF 2010, but it has now appeared in a considerably more exciting shapre than just integrated into regular notebooks. The technology has now found its way into Atom-based tablets and can more or less transform an Atom tablet to an interactive remote control.

Intel’s wireless display technology streams a high definition video signal wirelessly to a compatible TV (or compatible receiver connected to a TV) and makes it possible to get picture on the tablet onto the TV.

With touch screens and Intel’s new and more powerful Atom platforms it will be possible to stream high definition video from these devices that can then transform into one large interactive remote contro. A nice complement to HTPCs for playing video, slideshows and such.

When the technology will be available in retail products Intel was reluctant to say, nor any technical limitations, but this is clearly something we would like to see more of in the future.

Atom tablet streaming video wirelessly with Intel WiDi (Picture by PC Perspective)


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