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The world’s biggest processor manufacturer has taken the next big step by starting mass production of its new 32nm processors. The new Westmere chips have been out among system builders and Intel partners for some time, but only small amounts of engineering samples. Just before Intel Developer Forum Intel has started mass production of the Clarkdale and Arrandale chips that will appear on desktop and mobile markets respectively, wearing their new 32nm suits.

Clarkdale and Arrandale will be Intel’s first CPU with an integrated graphics core, while they make the CPU die with 32nm technology the GPU die will be made with 45nm technology and not be made from the same silicon.

The mobile processor Arrandale will start shipping in Q4 and will be found in portable systems relying more than usual on the battery power will find the more efficient 32nm technology quite pleasant. Together with an integrated GPU it could contribute to even lower power consumption and longer battery times.

We will be covering the progress of Intel’s 32nm architecture and we have more reports on the Westmere architecture coming.


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