Intel is preparing the new high-end/enthusiast socket LGA2011 that will be paired with Intel X79 and sport no less than 4 memory channel. Alas, LGA2011 won’t arrive until Q4 and Intel will therefore release one last update based on the Westmere die, or Core i7-995X Extreme Edition.

Intel Core i7-995X Extreme Edition will just like previous models bring 6 cores and 12 threads through Intel HyperThreading and triple channel DDR3 memory controller. The new about the processor is that clock frequency has been increased ever so slightly to 3.6GHz and a Turbo at 3.86GHz. We once again find unlocked BCLK multiplier for easier overclocking.


Something that might come as a disappointment is that the processor uses the exact same stepping as previous models, but whether this is correct or a miss CPU-Z we don’t know. Intel Core i7-995X Extreme Edition will be released in Q3 and replace Core i7-990X in price, which is $999.

Source: Donanimhaber


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