Now it’s finally time for Intel’s rumoured processor core Prescott to show its right face. After years and months of speculations the official release of Prescott is now done. Many of the rumours that has been spread has shown to be false while others has been relativly correct, in other words, as it uses to be. One thing that is sure though is that the Prescott core despite its similarities with the predecessor Northwood has a very changed processor architecture. The biggest and probably most discussed is the 55% longer pipeline which with its 31 steps has given the Prescott a real uphill to work against in ways of performance. Without going into details a longer pipeline gives lower performance at the same clock frequency as a shorter pipeline. Even if Intel in several ways has improved the performance for the Prescott core to minimize the performance loss of the longer pipeline it has shown to be an impossible mission even for the world’s largest chip manufacturer. It shifts somewhat but in general the Prescott core seems to give lower performance at the same clock frequency as the older Northwood core. All together the Prescott core looks somewhat insignificant today, just as the NetBurst architecture at its release, but if we are to believe Intel Prescott is a future investment. Just what was said about the first Pentium 4 processors and what also has shown to be true. Thus everything is not lost and even if it again has to wait for a new processor architecture optimally. There are many interesting news with the new core, both good and bad which we haven’t got the possibility to mention in this news so our tip is to read more in some of the reviews that has shown up on the net and continue to discuss the news in our forum.

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  • Thanks to Erik ”MoNsTeR” for the tip!


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