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Nehalem has already been on public display at IDF more than once. Intel displayed systems handling 16 simultaneous threads and we were all impressed. The first processors are expected late this year, but over at Chiphell they’ve caught one out in the wild. A screenshot from a workstation/server system running two quad-core Nehalem-based CPUs, with HyperThreading enabled, has been published. Perhaps not the most exciting piece of news since there are no benchmarks or anything, but since this is a very early sample operating at 2.133Ghz, there isn’t much point, except perhaps a multithreaded benchmark.

There are a few interesting things showing in the CPU-Z window though. The Vcore shows 0.975V, which might be incorrect though, but may also be correct.

The BUS is only running at 133MHz, clock frequency at 2.133Ghz but the frequencies are going to change so there is little point going on about them. The cache on the other hand, will remain the same [size]. Each core has 256KB L2 cache and the four cores share 8MB L3 cache. Not really news either, but still interesting to see an operational system not guarded by Intel officials.

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