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Intel Mobile Metro was recently unveiled by Intel as the world’s thinnest computer. The concept laptop caused quite a few headlines all over the globe and the interest among consumers was almost hysterical on some parts. The pictures that were released have been staged PR pictures though, but now the first live pictures have appeared in the form of a high definition video clip posted at AeroXperience. The video was shot during WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) where the Metro was on display. The most positive is that we get to see more of the features of the Metro concept (at 1920×1080 !), especially the e-paper display on the outside of the case.

The only negative is that we also find out that the Metro is just a concept to inspire OEM manufacturers for coming models. We certainly hope that they are impressed by Metro, or that Intel decides to take it one step further. The movie and screenshots can be found at


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