Light Peak is the code name for a new optical data transfer technology developed by Intel. The technology that is expected to supersede  the classic USB interface using optical wires can achieve transfer rates up to 10Gbps today already, and in the future several hundred, maybe even thousands of gigabit per second. Intel is working hard on the new transfer technology that has again been demonstrated, and this time it shows how a single Light Peak connection can carry any data, network to audio and video.

The goal is that a computer will do just fine with a single Light Peak port. Through this single cable you will be able to transfer more or less all information imaginable to other external devices. Intel’s latest demonstration showed how a notebooks streamed two High Definition video signal to an external monitor.

Light Peak demonstration – the notebook sports a controller chip (12mm small) that handles the digital and analog conversion. (Picture courtesy of PC Pro)

With this high bandwidth there is little reason as to why we should use more than one cable and one interface. One Light Peak connection could easily be branched to different units and next year Intel hopes to see both computers and accessories using the technology.


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