Intel has started roll out the latest generation of the Atom platform. The Oak Trail platform will be available shortly and the first processor will be Atom Z670, which is now listed. The single-core 1.5 GHz processor comes with an integrated GMA 600 graphics processor and 75 USD price tag (1kU).

Intel Atom Z670 is different from the last generation of Atom, CPU wise. The single CPU core is backed up by 512KB L2 cache and is made with 45 nanometer technology. Beside a clock frequency at 1.5 GHz the processor supports HyperThreading for multiple threads.

The major difference from previous Atom processors is instead the integrated graphics portion, GMA 600. The circuit operates at 400 MHz and with 32-bit LPDDR1/LPDR2 RAM Atom will for the first time support HD video. GMA 600 comes with dedicated logic for handling both playback and recording video, 1080p at playback and 720p at recording.


We still don’t know the TDP rating Intel has set for the new Oak Trail platform but with focus on extremely energy efficient notebooks and tablets it should be relatively low. The price of Atom Z670 is 75 dollar at 1000 units or more. You can compare this to NVIDIA Tegra 2 SoC that costs around 20 dollar.

One of the first systems equipped with Intel Oak Trail is Samsung’s PC 7 series that is a hybrid of a notebook and tablet, with Windows 7 inside.


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