Intel Core i7 980X is the fastest retail processor available today, with six cores and clock frequency of 3.40 GHz. That’s not enough for those hunting benchmark records and using liquid nitrogen Core i7-980X has reached a new milestone, 7 GHz.

It’s the well known Asian overclocker Hicookie that became the first person to break the magic border with his A0-stepped Core i7 980X. He reached 7041 MHz using liquid nitrogen and unhealthy 1.98V.


The processor was overclocked using the fitting motherboard, Gigabyte X58A-UD9, which like Core i7 980X is the most expensive you can find. Beside the frequency record Hicookie also broke a couple of benchmark records.

Three new world records in SuperPi 32M, PiFast and Auqamark was registered, the latter using three NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 graphics cards.

To achieve stability for SuperPi and PiFast the processor frequency had to be lowered a bit to 6742 MHz and 6 898 MHz respectively.

More information on Hicoockie’s overclocking and the record fast Core i7 980X processor can be found at


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