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Considering it’s more than a month to go before we will see Intel’s new architecture it feels very odd to have done so much reporting about it. Samples are appearing everywhere and now a user has come across the most extreme of Intel’s coming processors, Core 2 Extreme X6800, and published some tests with this. It’s a user at that has gotten his hands on an X6800 that clocks at 2.93GHz with a 1066MHz FSB and 4MB L2 cache. He has earlier created a thread at, but now completed with tests at OO. These tests are mainly performed with Everest, PCMark and SuperPi and thus synthetic, still impressive none the less.

An interesting sidenote is that the user managed to reach ~3.8GHz with X6800 using just air cooling, without any real problems. We know there is more to get, not just with air but definitely if you use some more exotic cooling. In another thread at there is also a 3DMark 03 result with the same system.

We can pretty much assure you that there is more to come and then with other people and more interesting cooling involved. We’ve noticed our own guru Crotale has had some problems controlling his saliva lately …

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