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Intel’s Nehalem architecture is the future, not just with the performance segment but soon also the mid-range segment when Core i5 arrives at competitive prices. Intel is still convinced that the old Core 2 architecture has more offer as signs of a new dual-core Core 2 Duo E8700 is coming. The processor was listed at Chinese e-tailer PCPop (via TPU) costing around $250.

Even if Intel hasn’t revealed any details surrounding the new model, it will operate at 3.5GHz with 1333MHz processor bus.

Even though the processor runs at a higher frequency, almost 200MHz more, it stays in the same thermal envelope 65W. If Intel officially launches E8700 we would presume that it will be the highest clocked Core 2 Duo processor we will see ship from the chip giant’s fabs, before it switches over completely to the newer architectures.


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