At the latest IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in Beijing, Benjamin Gould and Dan Ragland from Intel discussed overclocking in the past, nowadays and what may come with Sandy Bridge for both stationary and notebooks. With a slide that looks very interesting they openly consider shipping Sandy Bridge-E with water cooling.

Om vi tittar bakåt i tiden så valde Intel att lansera en torn-kylare tillsammans med deras 6-kärniga Intel Core i7 980X som faktiskt var kapabel att kyla processorn även vid frekvenser som rörde sig en bra bit över 4GHz. Att inkludera en sådan kylare har varken Intel eller AMD gjort tidigare, men nu funderar Intel på att ytterligare höja ribban.


From raising the bar with air cooling for its top models Intel has some serious plans to include water cooling like the closed systems we see from Corsair (made by Asetek) together with the coming processors for LGA 2011, also known as Sandy Bridge-E.

These closed water cooling systems have been very reliable and there have been no scandals in the news for as long as they have been around, and several actors in the industry have stated that it is just a matter time before we will see complete OEM systems, where air cooling is just available in the lower segments.

The two companies that Intel is most likely going to sign with are Asetek or CoolIT Systems, but even more likely is that Intel will hold off for the launch of AMD’s coming architecture Bulldozer to see what AMD has to offer. Including water cooling is a big plus, but it would affect the end price and with that in mind we would assume that only Intel’s top models of the Sandy Bridge family with 12MB or 15MB Cache will get this added value.

Source: BrightSideofNews


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