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Patriot Memory has announced new memory modules for notebooks with support for Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile (XMP), making its new DDR3 SODIMM modules a good choice for enthusiasts with desktop replacements or just very fast notebooks. The modules are prepared for aggressive latencies and use multiple settings where everything from clock frequencies to voltages have been tightly optimized from factory. With a fitting profile also notebooks can become truly fast.

More in Patriot’s press release;

Intel® Certifies Patriot XMP DDR3 SODIMMS

Patriot Memory Adds an XMP Line for SODIMM Memory!

Fremont, California, USA, May 28, 2009 – Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high performance memory, NAND flash and computer technology, today announced their XMP certified SODIMMS.

Patriot’s DDR3 SODIMM is the latest in the family of memory which includes Intel’s Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP). XMP is a performance specification for DDR3 memory SPD settings that act as an integrated ”plug and play” overclocking tool. The new Extreme Memory Profile options allow the end user to select extreme or ultimate performance through a framework of predefined and validated optimizations of individual settings without the hassle of manually adjusting each parameter, so the timings, voltage, and speed boot automatically for maximum performance. This enables a robust, profile based, high performance DDR3 over-clocking solution for Intel platforms targeted for enthusiasts, gamers and overclockers.

”The landscape of the notebook market has vastly changed, as notebooks are closer to matching their Desktop counterpart in performance,” says Benny Chea, Patriot’s Applications Engineer. ”The Patriot DDR3 XMP-Certified SODIMMs are a true testament on how the PC enthusiast market has evolved over the last few years. Casual users can not only benefit from one-click XMP settings, but can now take their high performance mobile.”

Product Info:

Part Number Description UPC
PEP32G1066SLL Patriot EP 2GB 1066MHz DDR3 LOW LATENCY SODIMM 0879699008297
PDC34G1066SLLK Patriot EP 4GB (2x2GB) 1066MHz DDR3 LOW LATENCY SODIMM Kit 0879699008280


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