Intel has to be feeling some pressure from AMD’s Brazos platform and even ARM that will make a big entrance with Microsoft Windows 8 and to answer to this threat it will have even lower prices with the coming Cedar Trail platform.

The market for tablets is growing and this is mainly at the cost of netbooks with Intel Atom which are now market and sold mainly in developing countries. To remedy this and grab a share of the tablet market Intel has chosen to lower prices for the next generation Intel Atom.

The mobile Intel Atom N2600 abd N2800 will according to DigiTimes cost 42 and 47 dollar. These are price for partners and buyers, and much lower than current Intel Atom N4xx and N5xx series, which cost 64-86 dollar depending on model. There will also be tailored models for tablets, but noth specifications and prices are unknown today.

The new guidance price Intel has set as a recommendation for netbooks with the new Atom platform will be 199-299 dollar, which means there will be new models in stores for less than $200. So besides lowering prices of Cedar Trail and offering things like Blu-Ray 2.0, movies at 1080p and Intel’s technology WiDi for streaming movies wirelessly.


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