Processor giant and semiconductor gian Intel Corp. has climbed on the list of the world’s most valuable brands and with an increase of 4% since last year it has moved past Nokia and Toytoa. Intel is one of few electronics giants that made it through the depression better than before.

Intel’s brand has an estimedat worth of 32 billion dollar and the only electronics company that has done better is IBM that keeps its second place with an increase of 7% and a brand worth 67.7 billion dollar.

In a year that saw many companies pull back, Intel stayed the course,committing billions of dollars to new and updated manufacturingfacilities, which accelerated the rollout of new processors. It lookedfor ways to expand the business in two directions: moving beyondthe PC and server market, launching chips for everything from mobilephones to smart TVs, and creating ways to help its partners improvetheir businesses via an app store and the creation of an applicationsdeveloper program.

Unthreatened king is soda drink company Coca-cola with a brand worth 70.5 billion dollar. Interestingly there is a tough struggle for third price between Microsoft and Google, where Microsoft is still in the lead but with a value increase of 36% Google is coming closer.

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