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Once again there has been some buzz about Intel and NVIDIA not getting along. This time time it’s about the license for Intel’s next microarchitecture Nehalem. Apparently the two disagree on the scope of NVIDIA’s license, which we assume Intel says does not include Nehalem, while NVIDIA says it does. Initial rumors, like so many other times, stated that Intel was blackmailing NVIDIA for an SLI license, which is simply not true. The two are still discussing the license issue though, and even if the exact details remains clouded, one can’t help playing with the idea that Intel is toying with NVIDIA a bit just to show them who’s got the biggest bucket and shovel.

In the end though, NVIDIA will get its Nehalem license and SLI will remain an exclusive NVIDIA chipset feature, anything else would be a major surprise.

The following statement was delivered to cnet writer Rich Brown;

”There is a disagreement between Intel and Nvidia as to the scope of Nvidia’s license from Intel to make chipsets compatible with Intel microprocessors. Intel is trying to resolve the disagreement privately with Nvidia and therefore we will not provide additional details. It is our hope that this dispute will be resolved amicably and that it will not impact other areas of our companies’ working relationship.”, says Dan Snyder, Intel PR Manager, to cnet.


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