Haswell will be the processor architecture will really put a spin Intel’s ultrabook venture. The launch will most likely happen in Q1 2013, but already in September Intel will be reveling more about the new processor. At IDF 2012 in San Fransicso, all eyes will be on Haswell.

Intel launched its first processor architecture at 22 nanometer and the new Ivy Bridge family sported better performance in both CPU and GPU intense applications, and an overall lower energy consumption. The news of the architecture was rather few since Ivy Bridge built on the preceding architecture Sandy Bridge. Next year it is time for a whole new architecture code-named Haswell. Intel has grand plans for it, not the least the integrated graphics processor.

Intel has released the scedule for Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, held in the middle of September. It is pretty clear that the new processor architecture Haswell will get a lot of the lime light where 12 different technology sessions and lectures will be about different aspects of the new architecture.

Intel will be talking about new processor innovations in Haswell – the fourth generation Intel Core architecture. There will also be lectures on Haswell’s support for Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX 2), Bit Manipulation New Instructions (BIM) and Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX). If we look beyond the technology sessions rumors has it that Haswell will be at least 10 percent faster in regular CPU applications, when compared to Ivy Bridge at the same frequency.

Intel compares third and fourth generation IGPs

Besides CPU-tailored breakthroughs there will be lots of talks on the new graphics processor in Haswell, a graphics chip that according to rumors will get dedicated cache and plenty of exeuction units. The architecture is basically the same as in Ivy Bridge, but Intel will during IDF show the substantial differences that can be found in the graphics processors. Most of all during a session called ”The Platform Evolves: Experiencing the 3rd and 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Microarchitecture”.

Haswell on the right gets four process cores, GT3 graphic and dedicated L4 cache

Other exciting lectures related to Haswell include a focus on gaming with integrated graphics, how to accelerate an ultrabook with OpenCL and Intel HD Graphics in Windows 8.

Intel Developer Forum 2012 is held 11-13 September and will be an interesting preview of several of Intel’s coming projects.


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