Hynix has now announced that it has designed a 2GB DDR2-SDRAM memory module working at 800MHz. It claims that it would be the fastest module of its kind, which we’re not entirely sure of as G.Skill has also launched 2GB DDR2-800 modules. In any case, Hynix has designed some sturdy DDR2-SDRAM modules which are also specified at high frequencies. Hynix has announced that the 2GB module is made with 90nm technology, but that it has not set a launch date yet. By using a technology called wafer-level packaging (WLP) it has managed to reduce manufacturing costs and power consumption, when compared to similar modules. We’re looking forward to seeing more manufacturers launching 2GB modules for better competition and lower prices, you can count on 4GB memory kits becoming really hot after the launch of Windows Vista.


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