Because of various holidays the news posting has not been good enough.
Therefore there will be a try to regain some of what we have missed.

We reported some time ago that Athlon 64 3000+ has shown up, and now some reviews has begun to pop up. Xbitlabs has made a test on 14 pages with the first ”cheap” 64bit processor (around 2300SEK). In the test it is compared to among others Athlon 3200+, Pentium 3.0 and 3,2EE, and the king of the market Athlon 64 FX 51.
Read more here.
Anandtech has also written a review.
Read more here.

While we’re at Xbitlabs we can report that they have done a test of S3’s comeback DeltaChrome. The drivers are nothing to cheer for yet, but they will get better. Also notice DeltaChrome’s performance in aniso.

Read more here.

At last a little different review.
It is GamePC which has thought up the idea of testing different S-ATA controllers.
The guys is doing it seriously too, 12 pages, 6 different controllers, and WD Raptor disk drives (10 000rpm).
Read more here.


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