Greek overclocker Hipro5 is famous for his many groundbreaking records, but also his fantastic modding skills. Lately he’s been taking it easy on the hardware, there were rumours he had even retired. Hipro5 is still going at it though and overclocking is very much his thing, which he displayed with the utmost clarity when taking on MSI R5870 Lightning.

Using a fair share of liquid nitrogen Hipro5 pushed Lightning to 1404MHz GPU and 1377MHz on the GDDR5 memories. Pair this with a Core i7 975 CPU running at neat 5548MHz  and you get a new single card world record in 3DMark 06; 34266 points.

Hipro5 MSI R5870 Lightning1

Hipro5 MSI R5870 Lightning2

We look forward to playing with MSI R5870 Lightning ourselves, even if we will be focusing on little brother, R5770 HAWK, this week. It’s clear as day that R5870 sports enormous overclocking potential.


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Holy smokes these things are like the Core 2 architecture- you can expect around a 25% overclock and we’ve just seen around a 65% overclock. Can’t wait to see if anyone can hit 1.5ghz!


It would be good, but i think its already pushing its limits, if ATI brings out another refresh of maybe 5890’s then maybe 1.5Ghz could be possible. or maybe some liquid helium is needed 😀


@ValiumMM: You know what they say, the cooler the better 😀

I haven’t been an active member of the overclocking community for the last couple of years, but I remember Hipro5 from XS when he used his RAM booster or whatever it was called. Got some sick results back then 🙂
Let’s wish Mr. Hipro5 the best of luck in reaching even higher speeds.