It was just a matter of time (pardon the pun) before we got the first result sub-6 seconds in SuperPi 1M. NickShih was immensely close last week when he completed the popular benchmark in just 6.062 seconds. He was beaten by countryman Hicookie who managed to complete world’s first 5 second SuperPi 1M result by overclocking his Core i5 670 CPU to 7034MHz and achieving 5.991 seconds.

The application that calculates the value of Pi down to one million decimals needed only 5 seconds to complete the task and the components he used can be found listed below;


System specifications:

  • Intel Core i5 670 3,47GHz @ 7,03GHz (-192°C)
  • Gigabyte P55A-UD7
  • Corsair DDR3 at 2100MHz

The key to the impressive result was a simple pin modification on the processor and the motherboard for minimizing the problems with extremely low temperatures and the Core i5 CPU. A modification Hicookie has shared at the XtremeSystems forum.

Hwbot has not approved hicookie’s submission, and had the following to say on the matter

”We temporarily removed the result because there seems to be a loop time oddity. We’re still looking into the issue as we speak and if there’s any conclusion we will be updating our front page with the news.”


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