Now WD-owned Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has officially announced the first harddrive with 4TB capacity shipping to businesses. Ultrastar 7K4000 is the name of the model with a 7200 RPM engine that is shipping to customers.

Hitachi started selling 4TB harddrives in Japan last year already and there are even retail units in Europe now, but the company is now broadening its assortment on a mechanical storage market that is still sore from the floods in Thailand.

Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000 is a performance oriented model, unlike earlier 4TB haddrives from the company and besides a 7200 RPM engine, Hitachi has equipped 64MB memory buffer, SATA 6,0 Gbps interface and MTBF at 2 million hours. The new  3.5″ harddrive will be optimal for machines with constant load. e.g. streaming media or cloud storage.

Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000 has started shipping, although in limited quantities.


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