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Lately there has been a lot of talk concerning ATI and NVIDIA’s inability to support the new HDCP system. Despite that they have announced support for HDCP there are today no video cards on the consumer market that will work with HDCP. ATI, that makes their own cards, has been criticized for supporting HDCP with the graphics circuit, but not with the actual card. Now its seems though as ATI has started to realize that things need to be done and at DailyTech they’ve come across some pictures of a HDCP video card by ATI that uses the HDMI interface instead of DVI.

The card uses a Silicon Image HDCP TMDS transmittor circuit that both encode and handle the protected video signals. The card also comes with SPDIF passthrough, which means that you can connect your sound signal to the video card and transfer it into the HDMI cable.

Source: DailyTech


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