It looks like the Radeon HD 7000 series for desktops will have to wait until next year, and the mobile chips will be the first to make an appearance. According to the latest rumors Radeon HD 7000M will launch around December 9th this year.

There have been many discussion surrounding when AMD will deliver the first GPUs at 28nm, since TSMC will not be able to keep production of 28nm up to the quantities needed for a fullscale launch. ComputerBase now reveals that AMD will officially launch the mobile Radeon HD 7000M series around December 9th, which is just two weeks into the future.


The GPUs that will be released first are Seymour in the lowest segment and be used in the HD 7400M series, and Thames that will be found in both HD 7500M and HD 7600M. AMD have three other GPUs coming that lacks clock frequencies; Chelsea (HD 7700M?), Heathrow (HD 7800M?) and Wimbledon (HD 7900M?).

While the clock frequencies of both GPU and memory are there, we lack important details like the number of Radeon cores, texture units and ROPs, which means performance is impossible to predict. All circuits will be made with TSMC’s 28nm process and we should not expect a fullscale launch from AMD, but an announcement when it starts shipping new circuits to partners. In that case the first notebooks with HD 7000M series should be in stores early next year.


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