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Thermaltake has launched a new cooler using the well known Orb design. The new cooler is called MeOrb and is geared toward HTPC systems or other slim platforms like mini-ITX and such. This is mainly because of the very low profile, only 47mm high MeOrb can fit in most cases. As usual with Thermaltake’s Orb coolers the fan is inside the heatsink, which results in a more compact format, but also hell for anyone who wants to change the fan. The temperature-controlled 90mm fan is said to be as quiet as 16dBA, which does sound promising as long as the cooling capacity doesn’t suffer.

The full press release follows after the break;


Great Choice for you HTPC Chassis- Thermaltake MeOrb

Lately, Thermaltake releases a new low profile cooler, MeOrb. It is only 47mm in height and can fit in your HTPC chassis. Users now don’t need to worry about the overheat problem will happen to their lovely chassis and CPU.

MeOrb is designed to solve the thermal problem of HTPC. HTPC is very popular in the PC world because it is smaller and it is more stylish to display in a living room. However, the thermal problem can be a headache because the limited space. MeOrb’s low height and good performance can help you to solve this problem.

MeOrb has many attractive features you cannot miss. First, MeOrb is equipped with two heatpipes and mirror coating copper base and they can maximize the transferring speed from the CPU to the aluminum fins. On the other hand, it also has the PWM function. Therefore, it can automatically adjust the fan speed between 800 and 1700 RPM according to the CPU temperature. Thermaltake design team also take care the noise problem. MeOrb’s special fan blade will reduce the turbulence of the air flow. Users will not need to suffer for the annoying noise.

If you have a good-looking HTPC, you should make sure you have a good cooler to solve the thermal problem. MeOrb is the best choice for you.

Model CLP0527
Compatibility Intel Socket LGA 775:
Core 2 Extreme
Core 2 Quad
Core 2 Duo
Pentium D
Pentium 4
Celeron D

AMD Socket AM2,AM2+,939,754:
Athlon 64 FX
Athlon 64 X2
Athlon 64
Heatsink Material Aluminum Fins
* outer circle:92 fins
* Inner circle:69 fins
Heatpipe Copper Pipe ø 6 mm x 2pcs
Fan Dimension ø 92 x 20 mm
Rated Voltage 12V
Started Voltage 7V
Power Input 3.00W
Fan Speed 800 ~ 1700 RPM
Max. Air Flow 38.9 CFM
Max. Air Pressure 1.25 mmH2O
Noise 16 dBA
Life Expectation 50,000hrs
Connector 4 Pin
Weight 258g
Dimension 106.8(L) x 94.6(W) x 47(H) mm

About Thermaltake

Thermaltake Incorporation, based in Taipei, Taiwan is the global leader Thermal Solution and Thermal Management for PC & Industrial Market. Its engineering staffs master in Airflow Analysis, Material Conductivity and Heat Dissipation Efficiency. Thermaltake offers a wide range of products and services, providing effective and cost-conscious cooling devices. The Company has more than 1,000 employees worldwide supporting customers from its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, as well as from offices in China, Europe and United States Continent.


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