It is always a pain trying to interpret statistics, but it looks like Google Chrome could have outgrown Mozilla Firefox. According to StatCounter the browser Chrome climbed past Firefox, something may have just been a matter of time.

Analyst firm StatCounter has been tracking market shares for web browsers sin July 2008 and most interesting has been the development of Firefox and Chrome. In December 2008, Firefox was at 25.23 procent, and peaked in November 2009 at 32.21 percentages. Lately it has been losing market shares, one of the reasons is said to be the large memory usage – something that has become a problem for more than a few.

During the same period, November 2009, Chrome had only 4.66 percent, but is now moving past Firefox. During November this year Google Chrome was up to 25.69 procent, while Firefox dropped down to 25.23 percent – the exact same as three years ago. Internet Explorer is down to 40,63 procent and is the biggest, but is losing ground fast.

We should mention that other analyst firms show other numbers where Chrome is far from bigger, which makes it all very messy. We can however conclude that Google Chrome is moving forward, whiel Firefox has stagnated. Is Google Chrome the right way to go, and what is it that makes Firefox lose momentum?


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