GlobalFoundries is partially owned by investment company ATIC and the semiconductor manufacturer has now opened a new headquarter in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. The address will be the so called HQ Building, a 122m high office building that kind of looks like a silicon wafer.

Advanced Technology Investment Company has signed a deal with realty company Aldar that built HQ Building and makes most office buildings fall into shame. HQ Building has first class offices but also plenty of restaurants, gym, stores and bares for the employees to enjoy.

ATIC has signed in for 6840 squaremeters, which means two and a half floors have been reserved while expanding the GlobalFoundries operation in Abu Dhabi.

”We’re pleased to formalize this relationship with Aldar and look forward to moving into our new home at HQ. Innovative in design, this facility will provide us with the services we need to support a growing operation as we expand our regional footprint and scale our presence in Abu Dhabi”, kommenterade Geoff Akiki, general manager för Globalfoundries Abu Dhabi avdelning i ett pressmeddelande

GlobalFoundries has great plans for the future and will, among other things, start manufacturing 28nm circuits next year, where AMD’s graphics circuit architecture Southern Islands is expected to be one of the first to use the technology.

GlobalFoundries may still have a long way to go to fight the big dragons on the semiconductor market, but it will leave no stone unturned in the search for the ultimate manufacturing process technology.

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