Small preview imageGigabeat F41 is Toshiba’s latest creation on the MP3-player market and the sequel to Gigabeat F40. The players are both harddrive-based and can store up to 40GB. The only difference with F41 compared to its precedor is the type of harddrive used. Both models use a 1.8″ model but Gigabeat F41 relies on a harddrive with the storage technology ”perpendicular recording” which we’ve earlier reported on here at NH.


The new storage technology makes it possible to store more data on less surface which means the volume of Gigabeat F41 is 15% less compared to F40. All this because of a more efficient harddrive. We have to admit that Toshiba Gigabeat F41 is looking quite sharp.

Gigabeat F40 – identical design as F41 but a tiny bit thicker

Source: Ars Technica


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