Rumors of a third member of Fermi has been going around for a long time. New information has surfaced suggesting the card will be named GeForce GTX 465 and be a cut-down version of GTX 470. The graphics card will use the same GF100 GPU, but less active CUDA cores and crippled memory system. NVIDIA hasn’t commented on the latest spin of rumors, but the card is said to cost $250, and a competitor to AMD Radeon HD 5830, as expected.

NVIDIA believes 352 CUDA cores will be enough to achieve competitive performance and at the same time the memory bus has been cut to 256-bit and 1024MB, from  320-bit and 1280MB with GTX 470.

According to VR-Zone the card will be presented at Computex, June 1st to 5th June in Taiwan. They insinuate that the disabled CUDA cores are locked on a software level, which in theory makes them unlockable. We doubt this though, but it would be cool if it worked.

Both the name and the number of CUDA processors are different from previous rumors, but a third member of Fermi looks all the more likely.


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