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NVIDIA’s next generation GPU, also known as GT200, G200, and D10-U, will be called GeForce GTX 280 in the stores. There will also be a stripped down version with less shaders, memory and lower clocks. Pictures of the cooler surfaced earlier, and just recently small pictures of the card and the IHS appeared. Larger pictures have now been posted at techpowerup, but also removed. Luckily, PCPOP was quick to download them.

The colors of the pictures of were inversed, but we’ve turned them back for you;

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You can see eight memory chips here, covered in paste, and there are another eight located on the back. Two PCIe power connectors; one 6-pin and 8-pin. Second generation NVIO chip and two SLI connectors for 3-way SLI. The card is the exact same size as your other high-end graphics.

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