Gigabyte GeForce GTS 450 OC2 is a new and overclocked model of NVIDIA’s budget card GeForce GTS 450 and the company has really outdone itself when overclocking the card. The graphics circuit is tuned up to 930 MHz while the 1GB memory gets to sweat at 4000 MHz.

Gigabyte uses a regular GeForce GTS 450 GPU based on the på GF106 circuit and sporting 192 CUDA cores. The reference card comes with 783/1566/3600 MHz (GPU/CUDA/Memory) clock frequencies, which has been increased to 930/1860/4000 MHz by Gigabyte.

To handle the higher clock frequencies and the increased heat development the card comes with a WindForce X2 kylare and the video outputs are shaped in the form of two DVI outputs and a single HDMI port.




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