GeForce GTS 450 is NVIDIA’s latest creation. The card may not bring the best performance around, but there is plenty of overclocking potential. This is confirmed beyond all doubt with an ASUS GTS 450 TOP pushed to 1120 MHz with powerful air cooling.

Romanian hardware site used the Spitfire cooler from Thermalright and in a long overclocking guide where they walk you through everything from the power phases to how you volt-mod the card. This is crowned by some truly impressive overclocking tests where the reference cooler is good enough to reach 1030 MHz, but with an increase in voltage to 1.215V.

With the Spitfire cooler installed it could go even higher and could run through both 3DMark03 and 3DMark05 with 11120 MHz GPU clock frequency, while 3DMark Vantage had to settle for 1110 MHz.


We look forward to more tests with more extreme cooling, but they have shown without a doubt that NVIDIA’s GF106 GPU has overclocking potential to go around. The entire article with results and pictures can be found here.


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