Galaxy is accustomed to releasing graphics cards with spectacular functions and odd designs. We now know what the special version of GeForce GTX 460 uses the extra mini-PCIe port for, to connect a WHDI module that can send out video signals wirelessly.

The graphics card has two regular video outputs in the form of DVI-I and DisplayPort. A separate WHDI module with no less than five antennas can be used to stream high resolution and uncompressed video signals to TVs or monitors.


AMIMON is behind the WHDI technology and reveals in a press release that Galaxy will be the first graphics card maker to allow PC users to connect computers to HD TVs wirelessly, without delays or ghosting effects.

The no-latency link enables consumers to enjoy full interactive PC applications on their TV. Content such as Internet video, flash media, digital photos and PC games can all be viewed and experienced on the TV with a convenient wireless connection.

To maximize compatibility, Galaxy bundles a WHDI receiver that snaps up the signal and feeds it to the TV.

We look forward to seeing what the new WHDI technology can do and if AMIMON and Galaxy can keep their promises it sounds like an interesting solution for those who wants to take the PC usage to the TV without building a dedicated HTPC.




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