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Not too long ago we reported about how Sony Ericsson had shared vision of the mobile phone future and that phones of 2012 would sport recording to Full HD video (1080p). Before that we have to get mobile phones capable of playing this demanding format, which looks to happen fairly soon as a manufacturer has announced that it will soon launch an application processor capable of playing 1920x1080px video at 30 fps.

Renesas Technology Corp is the name of the company that will show its minimalistic but powerful processor in February at ISSCC 2009. It operates at 500MHz and supports MPEG-4AVC/H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. The circuit uses 166MHz 64-bit DDR-SDRAM and is made with 65nm CMOS technology. The 6.4x.6.5mm circuit requires a mere 0.342W at full load.

Now all we need are display capable of showing video at the same resolution. A 1920x1080px resolution is quite a lot and to be completely honest there is really no reason why anyone would want to play Full HD video on 3″ to 5″ displays.

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