tnaw_xtennis skiver om Quincunx AA och supersampling AA. HÄr är ett smakprov på artikeln…:

”The antialiasing performance, both Quincunx AA and supersampling AA, is the most shining point of GeForce3. Benefit by both of the Quincunx AA mode and the high profitability memory bandwidth interface, GeForce3 run
today games with Quincunx antialiasing enabled almost twice as fast as the GeForce2 Ultra with 4xFSAA(Supersampling) under the same situation. It is interesting to note that the new memory bandwidth interface to be extremely in favor of antialiasing fulfillment of GeForce3. The known benchmarking results show that there is about +10% performance boost of GeForce3 over GeForce2 Ultra under the normal conditions, while we get a performance boost as high as over +50% with antialiasing enabled.”

Läs hela artikeln här. Diskutera nyheten här.


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