AMD will use the Llano architecture for both desktops and notebooks. The portable platform is called Sabine and we already know that the flagship will be quad-core with powerful integrated graphics. We now have specifications for the entire mobile Fusion A series with both clock frequencies for CPU and GPU.

AMD’s mobile Fusion A series is expected to containt seven different APUs (Application Processing Unit). The table of specifications published at Donanimhaber details also a Fusion E model that have been up for discussion earlier.

AMD will use either two or four CPU cores in their Fusion A processors and with the aging K10.5 architecture these could be the bottleneck of the chips. Clock frequencies is in turn between 1.4 GHz and 2.1 GHz, while the processors with Turbo Core technology can increase this to between 2.3 GHz up to 2.6 GHz depending on load. The cache is 4MB for the quad-cores and 2MB for the dual-cores.


Besidse the CPU portion the integrated graphics varies between chips. The three top models gets 400 stream processors while two models get 320 stream processors, and 240 stream processors. The Fusion E model settles for 160 stream processors. The clock frequencies of the GPU goes from 400 MHz to 444 MHz. AMD has divided the new Fusion A processors into three series where the integrated GPU makes the difference.

  • AMD Fusion A8 (M or MX for mobile) – 4 CPU cores and Radeon HD 6620G graphics
  • AMD Fusion A6 (M or MX for mobile) – 4 CPU cores and Radeon HD 6520G graphics
  • AMD Fusion A4 (M or MX for mobile) – 2 CPU cores and Radeon HD 6480G graphics

The power consumption of the full-size Fusion A models is either 35 watt or 45 watt, which is a bit high for a mobile processor, but then you get regular DDR3 and the more efficient DDR3L version. At the same time the APU can connect to a discrete GPU with Hybrid CrossFireX technology.

The price of the mobile circuits is uncertain, but the launch of Sabine- is slated for June.


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