Swedish Fractal Design has come a long way on the chassis market and opened an office in North America, Tgus means that the company is not only expanding, but also one of the most liberal weapon laws. This has resulted in a durability test where Define XL meets a shotgun.

The goal for Fractal Design – besides viral marketing – was to show the durability of the extra thick panels of the full tower case Define XL. The result is a Youtube video where they shoot target practice on several side panels with a caliber 12 shotgun. Three panels from Define XL and a quiet side panel from a not-named competitor was ”tested”, with no suprising results.

Fractal Design Define XL is a really big full tower chassis, 232 × 560 × 561 mm, and weighing 18 kg it is not a case you carry around to LAN partiers every week. It can take a real beating however, which is good to know. The story doesn’t say if there are other panels that can also take a shotgun blast as well as Fractal Design Define XL.


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