Foxconn hasn’t made much noise lately and the company that was going all in for enthusiasts and overclockers later returned to its quiet state of OEM production. It now seems that the popular Quantum Force program is still alive and that there are new boards coming for Sandy Bridge.

In an interview with TweakTown Foxconn representatives speak of coming LGA 1155 motherboards with the name Foxconn Quantum Force P67, and it will offer nice features at a competitive price. The price was emphasied since Foxconn is now more focused on affordability rather than extreme and expensive solutions.

Quantum Force P67 will get a price tag around 150€ and will bring 12+2 phase power supply and on-board buttons for start, reboot and overclocking, like ASUS TweakIt. The motherbaord also supports dual graphics cards in SLI or CrossFire (2×8 bandwidth) and dual BIOS circuits.


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