Small preview imageFirst of all an apology for the lack of updates on the Folding team. We have been moving forward fast and I am extremely happy with how we’re doing. Folding teams come and go, but we have found a consistency that has taken us up among the top 200 and I can’t imagine anything else than that we will soon be among the top 100. I have been tremendously busy with other projects, but I am still keeping a close eye on the development on the team.

With that said it is well overdue to announce the last two Patron of the
Month. We’ve decided to name user Howken, for his strong contributions in
June, Patron of the Month. He has climbed up the ranking and recently
broke 500,000 points.

For July we’ve decided honor a long time contributor. MrPontus has been with us for many months now and
been sending in many proteins now. He is closing in on the 700,000 mark and can
now entitle himself Patron of the Month.

In the time that has past us by the team has climbed up 165th on the ranking
with just north of 28,000,000 points. The daily production is down a
bit for the moment as one of the top producers, koksgolvet, is reinstalling
systems and unfortunately had to learn how stubborn and tricky the SMP clients
can be sometimes.

If you want to contribute as well you can click the image above and if you
have any questions you can turn to the forums where we will be happy to answer
any of your questions.


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