At they have done an interesting comparison between two external harddrives from Maxtor resp. Western Digital. The units goes by the names Maxtor 5000DV and WesternDigital Combo Special Edition and has a storage capacity of 160 GB resp. 250 GB.
The comparison contains several different performancetests and quite a lot of  USB 2.0 vs. FireWire tests.
Since both units supports both interfaces they have tested both interfaces and reached som interesting results. Performance is clearly different between USB and FireWire, but the two manufacturers has also made a variating job implementing the two. 

For those of you who only has USB 2.0-support this is very good knowledge. For those of you in the act of purchasing an external storagedevice this a very good artcile to read. It can help you with chosing device and also what interface that suites you best.

Read the entire article at


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