The title world’s fastest retail processor is without a doubt held by Intel’s Core i7 980X CPU. While most dream about having this $1000 monster in their desktop computer, Eurocom took it to the next level. It allows customers to install Core i7 980X in the ”laptop” D900F Panther. Eurocom Panther is indeed an extreme laptop and can fit four 2.5″ harddrive and up to 12GB DDR3 RAM.

The base of Panther ships with NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 280M GPU and 17″ HD display (1920×1200 pixels) and 250GB harddrive. If you swap the default processor, Intel Xeon X5550 2,66GHz, for Core i7 980X 3.33GHz the price rises to 3762 USD, without optical drive or operating system.

If we  add four 512GB SSDs, just for the fun of it, we land at 11,249 USD. Maybe not the most sensible purchase, but then again sensible didn’t really come to mind in the first place.



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