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Smartphones have grown powerful enough to run pretty complex and heavy applications and games. It is still pretty exciting to to see game developer Epic port its popular Unreal Engine 3 engine to Apple’s iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch. The engine is used by games like Gears of War 2 and have been optimized to run on mobile circuits and OpenGL ES 2.0, something which is embedded into the latest mobile platforms.

Epic adds to the excitement by saying that the engine is not tied to Apple’s mobile platforms but it will be displayed running on another not yet named mobile platform during CES.

Epic will, as usual, license its graphics engine to various game developers and the great about this is that the smartphone market is just starting to get good. Today’s circuitry is mainly made with 65nm technology but in a few years when things start to move into the 32nm era and beyond we might see some really breathtaking performance from these things.


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