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Enermax Galaxy 1000 is something as mighty as a power supply unit with a maximal power of 1000W. Most computers get by just fine with 350W-450W PSUs and often even less. But if you want the absolute best in hardware you of course also need power to keep it going. That any PC would actually require a 1000W PSU anytime soon is something we’re sincerely doubting though, but those who wants to be on the safe side can soon invest in a 1kW PSU for your computer. Enermax has namely launched its 1000W flagship of the Galaxy series during an event in Taiwan. We reported abuot Enermax’ 1000W power supply unit already in August of last year and the reason for the delay are some minor adjustments with the design.

”While all other manufacturers have released since only ordinary 1000W class PSU’s with normal 4 rail technology, ENERMAX decided to design a PSU, which would be able to power 2007 & 2008 server systems to give customers the utmost benefit possible.”

Enermax designed its Galaxy series with 5 12V lines according to Intel’s coming EPS12V design guide. This guide will require that the power supply unit is equipped with 5 12V lines if they are suppose to power systems with four Quad-core processors (16 cores all in all) and even a Quad-GPU system, which Enermax calls a Triple Quad-system. In other words Enermax Galaxy 1000W is futureproof to an almost ridiculous extent.

During a launch event in Taiwan it displayed its new PSU powering no less than 4 different PC systems completely on its own. The Galaxy series will contain a 850W and a 1000W PSU both equippred with dual fans to handle the cooling, a 135mm and a 80mm fan. The PSUs will be available on the market during July, but the price is yet to be revealed.


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