The most illuminated booth of CeBIT 2010 was made by Enermax. With a exuberant use of LED fans it had built both light paintings and robots for attracting visitors. Except from the fans it focused on its new 80 Plus Gold certified power supply series, Solid Gold.

Enermax Modu87+ and Pro87+ got their own wall and with efficiencies up to 93 percent these power supplies are without a doubt worthy of the 80 Plus Gold certifications and the name. The output is between 500W and 800W and should be plenty for the majority of users.


At the booth we also got to see the Revolution series of power supplies boasting 5 year warranty and outputs up to 1250W and 80 Plus Silver certification.


The Enermax LED fans were the most obvious though, where both the robot and the painting were some of the most unique displays at CeBIT.





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