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EVGA has one of the more popular motherboards among enthusiasts with its EVGA X58 SLI Classified. The motherboard sports some high class features from factory, including an extensive cooling system. Even though there are alternative cooling solutions for those who are more serious with their Core i7 overclocking and these include water cooling kits from EVGA self and Bitspower. Well respected water cooling manufacturer EK is about to join them.

EVGA’s own water block for X58

It has revealed that it is working on a water cooling solution for EVGA Classified that will cover more or less all heat emitting components of the motherboard, including northbridge, southbridge and power circuits.

Rendering of EK’s EVGA Classified water block

We don’t know much more than that the kit will be a complete solution for entire board. The price is uncertain but those who can afford to buy the motherboard in the first place most likely can also afford the water block.


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