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ASUS Eee PC is hardly one of the best equipped laptops on the market, but on the other hand it’s one of the most affordable, which has made it a huge success. Upgrading a laptop is far from as easy as with a desktop computer, especially a slim laptop like the Eee PC, but in the world of computer nerds and modders, nothing is impossible. Over at IVC Wiki they’ve published a might impressive article covering ten or so hardware modifications made by a Norwegian user.

Eee PC costs roughly 399 USD and the ten upgrades cost him another 454 USD, more than he paid for the laptop. He’s equipped his laptop with everything from additional USB ports to a GPS module, Bluetooth and memory card reader. Below is a list of the components he fitted into the Eee PC.

  • USB hubs
  • GPS module
  • Bluetooth
  • SDHC card reader
  • Adata SDHC 8 GB 
  • Corsair VoyagerGT 4 GB USB drive
  • Switch + Prototypingboards 
  • Intel Wireless adapter
  • Airplay FM transmitter
  • Conexant Modem
  • Crucial 2 GB DDR2 module

Not the cheapest way of upgrading an Eee PC, but it’s still an impressive achievement. Loads of pictures and more information about the upgrades can be found at IVC WIKI.


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