Efter mycket väntan så har nu äntligen en spelbar version av Halo nått våran jord. En kille på VoodooExtreme har lagt vantarna på denna version och faktiskt testat det. Självklart så skrev han en artikel om den religösa upplevelsen. Läs den.
Som vanligt så slänger jag med ett litet smakprov på vad som sägs:

Some games like Red Faction might’ve given you a little taste of what solid vehicle support can add to a game’s flavor, but what Bungie has done in Halo, far surpasses the efforts of any other action game. The vehicle models (jeep, tanks, fighters, etc) are spectacular, and the control schemes they use (while a bit tricky at first) are ingenious. 4×4’ing through the mountains, green fields and beach surf on the dune buggy along with the force feedback, grinding against rocks, running over aliens, jumping over ravines or bottoming out on a hill are just a few of the activities you can enjoy in Halo. Throw a few marines in your favorite vehicle and you’ve got the makings of an off-road killing spree you’ll have to see first-hand to truly enjoy. The physics model that Halo uses puts most off-road games I’ve played to shame, and nothing on the PC (or console for that matter) really compares to it.

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