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DFI is a motherboard manufacturer catering to the needs of the enthusiasts, especially the extreme kind. Its motherboards are well known for having that little extra, not just performance but also features that should help you bring home whatever it is you were looking to claim. Many motherboards, not just DFI’s, have features that automatically overclocks your system by a safe margin, often represented by a number in percent, e.g. 5%, 10% or 15%. What DFI is planning to do is to take this feature and make it so much better.

ABS (Auto Boost System, not the brake system) will boost the performance of your system through automatic overclocking and specific profiles. ABS will become available with all new LanParty, JR and Blood Iron motherboards. Hitting F1 during boot will bring up the Auto Boost System menu where you can start optimizing. ABS has three basic options: Load OC profile, Back up OC profile and Exchange OC profile.

It also has a CPU upgrade feature that will give you a substantial performance boost. The slide below summarizes it quite well;

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DFI will even provide you with OC profiles at its website. Each motherboard will have a set of profiles for you to download and try out. If you don’t find anyone that suits you, you can just make your own in the application, which you can then save and share with other overclockers.

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Additional slides can be found over at XtremeSystems.


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